FTP Security

Most websites are hacked through their FTP connection, rather than a large scale server attack. Why? Because most website users do not appreciate how vulnerable their FTP connection is. FTP users tend to use easy-to-remember password and do not change their passwords often enough. However, the biggest issue is that majority of Web Hosting providers set up FTP access for a website and the connection is then left live and ready to connect at all times!

What is FTP Connection?

FTP access provides external users such as Webmaster, Web Designers and Engineers remote access to the server. Each FTP account has limited access to the directories of a specific website and does not have access to other websites hosted on the same server. However, once you are connected to the FTP with the correct credentials, usually username and password, you have full access to the website linked to your username and you can change content, pages, photos, files, scripts, etc. at will.


Why have FTP Connection?

It is impractical to manage website content, make changes, install scripts, or make a back-up copy without remote access. Without remote access such as FTP Access all changes have to be made directly on the server at the server location. Given the virtual and remote location of most hosting solutions, this is not practical or desirable. Web Designers, Webmasters, engineers, and in some cases users need to have access to the website server from anywhere at anytime.

How can you secure FTP access?

All our Web Hosting solutions provide securely managed FTP Access as standard. FTP access is off-line and users have to first switch-on their FTP access before it can be accessed. With the FTP off-line there is no opportunity for hackers to identify your FTP connection and attempt to crack your username and password as the FTP connection will not respond to any request for connection. All FTP accounts are managed via our secure Control Panel and are made live using 3 different methods:

FTP Open by Time
You can select to open FTP access by defining how long the FTP should remain open. After this time expires, our server automatically closes the FTP and there is no longer any access available until the user reactivates the FTP via Control Panel again.

FTP Open by Fixed IP Address
Webmasters can save a list of fixed IP addresses used by authorised FTP users on our server. FTP will not respond to any request for connection even when the correct credentials are used unless the connection request originates from the IP Address on the safe list.

FTP Open by Dynamic IP Address
Once the Webmaster or an authorised users logs on to the Control Panel, our server automatically detect their IP Address. The user can then elect to open the FTP Access for the IP Address being used by their machine. FTP connection request from any other IP Address is rejected. Once the user has finished working on the website, they can revisit their Control Panel and close the FTP for extra security until the next time they need to make use of FTP access.

We provide the safest Web Hosting service possible, with special FTP Access control system that will minimize the chances of hackers gaining access to your website.