Website Statistics

Website Statistics

What is Website statistics?

Website Statistics are the reports generated by our web server in English which includes all traffic and activities on your website.

How does it work?

We provide you with a secure access link to your individual statistics page which gives a range of summary and detailed information. We store your website statistics on a rolling 12-months basis so that you can compare the data and spot trends.


What is the benefit?

Website statistics enable you to monitor and respond to the changing pattern of traffic on your website. You can spot seasonal, monthly, weekly and daily comparisons so that you can make informed decisions. Our statistics package include:

  • Hits - Number of hits per day and per month enabling you to spot any rise or fall in your website visibility.
  • Visits – Number of visitors per day, per week and per month enabling you to judge your success in attracting visitors and converting hits into potential customers.
  • Keywords – We collect your top keyword searches and include popular phrases that your website is attracting. This will enable you to plan and revise your content for better conversion as well as give you an understanding of your appeal to the market you are targeting.
  • Referrals – Reports include traffic from links directed to your site so that you can have a clear understanding of the links that generate traffic to your website.
  • Search Engine Visits - Our website statistics include when and how often each search engine has crawled your site enabling you to predict visit intervals and be prepared for the next crawl.