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Andalucian Cycling Experience was established in August 2005. Ashley & Claire Higgins had planned to move to Spain and setting up their business for 4 years. The business has been a great success but they knew they could do better so they turned to Cognisant Hosting to transform their website.

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The Challenge

The business had established a good following and a solid customer base. However with the 2009 recession biting every business hard, it was clear that web presence was to become more critical. The challenge was clear, the business needed to widen the net and capture as much traffic as possible, engage with visitors and convert.

The original website was designed in 2005 with simple structure and little experience of what people were looking for. “Our original website was fine and worked well but we knew we could do better if only we could get to the first page of Google for those golden keywords” says Ashley. Claire added “Our clients are active people and we wanted to reflect the excitement, the energy and action in our website, but we also wanted to keep its friendliness and simplicity”.

The Solution

Cognisant Hosting was contracted to design, manage, host and optimise the new website. “We knew of a number of websites they managed, and we were aware of how these websites dominated Google Page 1”.

The work on the project started in May 2010 with research for keywords and monitoring of the existing website. In July the first draft of the website was delivered for approval. The new design incorporated Social Media (Twitter & Facebook), Newsletters and comprehensive rethink of the content. The new website was ready and online on 1st September.

From the day 1 the new website had a dramatic effect on the bookings. September 2010 became the highest monthly traffic since 2005 and in only 4 weeks of operations it generated a record number of enquiries. The traffic has continued to grow and the bookings increased beating all previous records and targets. Ashley said “Could not believe it. It was as if someone had turned the tap on”. The last quarter of 2010 became the best Autumn quarter since the business opened. The business went on to grow with monthly enquiries exceeding 100 per month by the end of 2014.

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