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Trekking on quads gives you the ability to cross terrains which would be demanding by foot and cross greater distances, so you can see so much more of this beautiful land. Located in Alora near Malaga, the website was updated to cater for the new Responsive Design requirements from Google and ability to make changes without designer intervention.

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The Challenge

Old website was originally designed by Cognisant Hosting in 2007. It was time for a refresh but it was imperative to retain the Google SERP position as well as use the existing assets of the website such as photos, text, and meta tags. With the increasing traffic from mobile devices, the new website needed to be responsive.

Converting HTML website to WordPress is not as easy as some folks think. HTML gives designers free hand to do whatever they want, without restrictions of Plug-ins, WordPress Page-to-Post relationships and the loss of control over the design look-and-feel that is inherent in Responsive Designs.

Holidays are about fun, sun, lazy days and relaxation, so the website had to communicate these easily and effectively.

The Solution

With the tight budget Cognisant Hosting selected a WordPress theme which reduced the development costs and brought in Responsive Design already built it. Colours were chosen to give a sense of bright sunshine, and images were reproduced to brighten up the colours. The old structure was retained to protect SERP placing and plug-ins was used to retain existing URLs.

The new website has created more interest and enquiries within weeks of going online, and general feedback has been extremely positive.

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