SEO and Futility of One Off Actions

SEO and Futility of One Off Actions
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SEO and Futility of One Off Actions

SEO needs an ongoing Commitment

We get a lot if enquiries and request for SEO projects as a one off activity, however, most people do not realise one-off SEO is futile!

So here is why you should either commit to SEO programme or engage in hit-and-go wishful thinking SEO projects.

Internet is a Big Place!

Internet is a living ecosystem, and never stands still. Just as you come to end of this article, millions of new pages have been added across the Internet to millions of websites. This means fresh content is being added to the websites around the world every minute of the day, so your pages and content will not be fresh for long.

Google 1st Page is a Small Place!

Default Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for all browsers and search engines is set to 10 organic results. This means no matter what Keyword or Keyphrase you are targetting, only 10 websites will be on the first page.

Given the number of websites any of us compete for any given Keyword/Keyphrase, then the probability of a website being on the 1st page becomes a very small number! The way to increase your chances of getting there, is to produce “Relevant” and “New” content.

The bad news, is that you need to keep generating “New” and “Relevant” content to keep your place no matter what your position is on SERP.

Competition is a Mean Machine!

Let’s face it, if you had worked your tail off on SEO to get your website to Page 1, will you just sit there and watch a “Newbie” come and push you off your perch. Of course not. You will fight back, by generating “Relevant” and “New” content, gaining Links, tidying up your rough edges, until you get back to where you were before.

The problem is, the “Newbie” will respond, so will all other websites who are on the ball, hence the “Hamster Wheel” will keep going and the poor old Hamster (yes that is you the SEO guy), has to keep running!

Generating New Content is Tedious

It is not easy to come up with subjects, find the time, and write a sensible article about any given subject. After a while, we all run out things to say! So time, effort, and brain juice is needed to keep the content machine going!

Your Audience is Fickle

The other challenge is what to write about that will be effective for your SEO, and of interest to your audience. The insight to keywords/keyphrases that people search for is a great source of subject matter. Once you have this insight, at least your subject matter is decided for you.

The second issue is that trends change. Look back a few years ago when searches for “Mobile Phone” was huge. Today that is mostly “Smartphone” rather than “Mobile Phone”, so if you were successful in “Mobile Phones” keyphrases, you will be missing out if you did not write about “Smartphones”. The same applies to many sectors such as Cars (Electric Cars or EV, Hybrids), Vacuum Cleaners (Bagless, Cordless), PCs (Tablets, Netbooks, Notebooks, etc.).

Consumer’s wants and needs evolve, so we need to adapt and adjust our content, hence produce new and more relevant content.


One hit SEO actions once in a while do not work because Internet does not stands still, and your competition will not sit and watch you take their lunch. An ongoing monitoring of your website should help keep it competitive.

Any SEO programme should include:

  • Monthly Reports on KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Monthly Review of SERP for target keywords/Keyphrases
  • Monthly Report of your Website Keywords/Keyphrases Hits, Click, Conversion
  • Suggestions on Keywords/Keyphrases
  • Suggestions on Subject Matters or Page Re-Writes

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