Useful Downloads

Useful Downloads

We have put together a range of free downloadable Tools to help you maintain your PC in top condition. We think these will help you to get the best use of your PC and enjoy the Internet safely.

Please be aware that some of these downloads are only free for non-commercial use and commercial organisations have to pay for the use after the free trial period is finished. If in doubt please check the Copyright and Software licence of each product during the installation process.

AVG Anti-Virus

If you are using a PC, Laptop or Android device to access the Internet or receive emails, then you should have Anti-Virus software installed. Without an Anti-Virus you are running a huge risk of infecting your PC with malware as well as other PCs on your network or those you share files with or send file to.

AVG Anti-Virus is a great value for money Anti-Virus software which is free for home users. AVG provides the essential components for the defence of your PC or Laptop and is a must have software. The paid versions offer higher protection but unless you are running a business from your home or are heavy Internet user the basic Free version will be fine.

AVG also uses a lot less resources such as Norton or MacAfee. Since AVG uses a fraction of the processors’ resources, you find it unobtrusive and less likely for users to de-install.

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We are sure you have seen lots of great PDF files and have checked the prices for PDF creator from Adobe but had a near heart attack. Here is a great free tool that can produce PDF from any MS Office application or in fact from anything that can use a Printer driver.

CutePDF is installed as one of your Printers on your PC and when you want something converted into PDF just click print and change your printer to “CutePDF” and save the file in any directory you want and bingo you have a PDF file!

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Are you fed up with Windows Internet Explorer freezing, crashing and taking up too much resources. Try Firefox which is faster, uses up less resources and if it has any mishaps it recovers from where you left off. Firefox is the professional’s choice for browsing regardless of the operating system used. It is safer, much faster and is totally customisable with some great add-on applications.

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Open Office

We love this product. OpenOffice is the replacement you always wanted for your MS Office. It is smarter, quicker, doesn’t crash, uses less memory and best of all it is free. Of course you should make a voluntary contribution and lets face it, product this good deserves to succeed and without contributions it will not. So if you want to Kick-into-touch MS Office then download, contribute and enjoy!

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Replaced your Ms Office and are stock with no solution for Outlook?

Use Thunderbird from Mozzilla Org. It is free, it is stable and does everything MS Outlook does but better, quicker and without crashing. What more do you want!

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This is a great utility that helps get rid of unnecessary files left behind in your temporary folder or Registry. You do not have to be an expert. Just choose the area you want it to look at such as Applications, Windows or Registry.

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Defraggler is a great tool for this task as it has a number of great features:

  1. Allows individual files to be targeted for defragmenting.
  2. Can redistribute your files so that hard disk is better utilised.
  3. Can solve issues when Windows standard Defragmenter software cannot cope.
  4. Easy to use with intuitive command and control panel.

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