Based near Malaga, Spain with our Web Servers located in a 24-hour manned centre in the UK, we offer Web Hosting support in English. Our resilient web hosting service includes multiple connections to the Internet, Back Up service, Spam Detection and many other features to make sure your web hosting is worry free with maximum online availability.

Our Web hosting service is delivered using tried and trusted Dell Super Servers. Servers are in secure buildings which are manned 24/7 with smartcard access and monitored by CCTV. Every possible failure point has been duplicated to ensure highest possible up-time for your website.



  • Resilient Links – We use Carrier Class resilient links to the Internet employing the latest and highly reliable Fibre Optic connections. This approach ensures high capacity, high throughput and high resilience for our customers’ website.
  • Load Balancing – We use automated load balancing to ensure the workload is evenly spread across the servers and connections to the Internet. This allows us to provide a fast and reliable response to webpage requests.
  • Redundant Data Back-up – The data on our servers are regularly backed up and are stored in fireproof safes away from the main building. In the event of a major failure or disaster such as fire or flooding, this enables us to restore your website data quickly and ensuring your website is online as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please note that this service is for the sole use of “Disaster Recovery” and is not a replacement for website owners to back up their data on regular basis and after any major change to the content.
  • Network Management – Our network is built on and is managed using Cisco equipment. Cisco networks are trusted by Carriers and Enterprises worldwide and are renowned for their reliability, advance technology and security.
  • Redundant Power Supply – Power to our network of servers is supplied via redundant multi-feed from the grid, ensuring high availability at all times. Servers are run on redundant UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), making sure that any power fluctuation does not adversely impact our service. Furthermore we have Standby Power Generators which go on line as soon as there is a major power failure.
  • Dual Cooling System – Our server rooms are fully air-conditioned, maintaining manufacturers recommended ambient temperature to ensure optimum performance of our servers and network devices. The redundant dual system ensures that there are no single points of failure in our network.
  • Fire Detection System – Our incipient fire detection system ensures fires are dealt with quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruption or damage to our servers and network devices.